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Mother Nature: We Need Her
by KindMeal.my, 23 April 2016
Today is Earth Day.

A good reminder that we have to act FAST and NOW to resolve the drastic climate change issues — before it's too late. This video by Conservation International featuring Julia Roberts beautifully summarizes it.

Mother Nature: If we lose her, we lose a stable climate. Our food, our water, our livelihoods — they all come from nature. But we’re taking more than our share.

What’s more, we’re destroying our best defense against a changing climate — because nature itself is at the heart of the most immediate and effective solutions to curbing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing our resilience to extreme weather events.

The challenges facing nature’s oceans, rivers and forests affect us all — and saving nature is the only way to save ourselves.

Cows contribute the highest proportion of global warming gases, each equivalent to a car driving 12,000 km for a year. Now multiply that by 1.5 BILLION cows.

Reducing meat consumption is one of the simplest and most direct means of curbing climate change. Let's start introducing more meat-free meals into our diet to save Mother Nature — http://KindMeal.my.

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