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World Penguin Day
by KindMeal.my, 27 April 2016
Monday was World Penguin Day!

Actually, it’s one of two days dedicated to the adorable, waddling birds. April 25 is World Penguin Day while January 20th is Penguin Awareness Day.

In addition to two penguin days, there are believed to be 17 penguin species, ranging from the Little Blue Penguin to the mighty Emperor Penguin.

Sadly these dapper flightless birds are facing bigger problems than Benedict Cumberbatch not being able to pronounce their name correctly (http://bit.ly/1v8uoIf). Many of these are at risk of extinction, threatened by climate change, overfishing and man-made changes to their breeding grounds.

In honor of everyone’s favorite tuxedo-ed bird, here's an adorable clip of the snow chicks!

Let's ensure these adorable penguins have a safe home by curbing climate change. Reducing meat consumption is one of the easiest and most effective means — http://KindMeal.my.

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