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Cat Adopts Baby Rabbit
by KindMeal.my, 12 December 2014
Snaggle Puss the cat had just delivered a litter of kittens when one more suddenly appeared – a most bizarre looking little one, with long-ish ears, twitchy nose and a cottonpuff tail. So, what's one more, even if she is a bit odd?

And so it was that Snaggle Puss adopted and nursed Bubbles, a one-week old orphaned rabbit kit. (Yes, baby rabbits are called kits.)

We know why we humans adopt – both members of our own species and of others – but why do animals adopt orphans of other species? In truth, they don't do it often, and most biologists say that the hormone oxytocin is the answer. A mother who has just given birth is flooded with the stuff, and it's what drives the instinct to bond with one's young. Or someone else's, if they show up at the right moment.

Most of us love videos and photos of inter-species adoptions and friendships, so let's pay it forward and show some inter-species compassion ourselves.

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