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Koala Loves Belly Rub
by KindMeal.my, 01 May 2016
Koala Loves Belly Rub

An orphaned koala has charmed millions worldwide by rushing to his zookeeper to receive a belly rub and cuddle.

Little Harry is a charming koala joey who lost both of his parents after he was born. However, the resilient animal was saved by Symbio Wildlife Park in New South Wales, Australia, where he now lives full-time.

He now treats his zookeeper Tami Wilson, who works at the wildlife park, as his caretaker. In the video, the tiny koala rushes to meet Tami as soon as he sees her. He climbs down from the trees at the sight of her to make sure he gets his usual belly rub and cuddle.

The gorgeous koala was sadly orphaned when he was only four months old after his mother died from leukaemia. The team at Symbio Wildlife Park then decided to cross surrogate him into another koala's pouch which was a success.

Kevin Fallon, from the wildlife park, said: "The zookeepers decided that to ensure his survival, his best chance was to cross surrogate Harry into Imogen's mother's pouch, and then hand raise Imogen.

"Imogen's mother adapted to her new role of being a surrogate mother to Harry instantly. And the two flourished.".

According to Tourism Australia: "About three weeks ago, Tami realised that Harry loves having his belly rubbed and now, every time she goes into the Koala Sanctuary, he either jumps on her or runs over for loads of belly tickles and cuddles."

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