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Baby Rhino, Out For A Jog
by KindMeal.my, 16 December 2014
In 2013, poaching lead to the slaughter of 1,004, rhinos making the year a record-breaker in South African rhino deaths. While the direct destruction of individual rhinos obviously has an impact on populations, many rhino calves are left to suffer the blows of poaching as well. Though this cute little rhino calf may have had a rough start, he’s definitely making a lot of progress … and fast! After just a month at the Center, Matimba’s already starting to get comfortable with his new home.

One month-old Matimba's mother was shot by poachers. The little calf was left alone with no chance of survival, but he was given a second chance after being rescued by South Africa’s Hoedspruit Endangered Species Center in mid-November. With infrared lamps, new bedding, and a heater, workers awaited the emergency arrival of the calf. At such a young age, Matimba still relied on milk for nourishment and needed to drink a formulated version every three hours.

All of the rhinoceros species in both Asia and Africa are being hunted to the brink of extinction because of the misguided belief that their horns have medicinal qualities. This is a poignant reminder that we should also be mindful of animal products in our "medicines" and body care products, as well as on our dining tables.

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