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Fanta — Flight of the Bumble Bee
by KindMeal.my, 22 May 2016
Fanta — Flight of the Bumble Bee

Animal rights and welfare organizations have helped rescue millions of farm animals, pets, and wild animals from deplorable situations. But despite their efforts, millions more animals still suffer needlessly every year through neglect, mistreatment, and outright abuse.

Fanta the lamb is one such animal. She was found locked in a paddock strewn with corpses when a kind soul drove by and spotted her. The poor lamb couldn’t stand on her own, and her eyes were weeping fluids from an infection.

The farmer who owned her gave her away for free because, as he would put it, she “wasn’t worth anything.” Luckily, the rescuer delivered Fanta to the kind people at Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary.

There, they gave her food and water and began to re-teach her how to walk. Fanta is still weak, but she’s making great strides and the outlook is bright.

After meticulous care and the creative help of a shopping bag, not only is Fanta able to stand well now, she’s even jumping and frolicking with other healthy lambs in a green pasture!

Animal lives are precious too, and we should treat them with the love and respect they so deserve. Let's enjoy more meat-free meals to show our appreciation at http://KindMeal.my.

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