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BFFs: Dog & Fox
by KindMeal.my, 28 May 2016
Best Friends Forever: Dog & Fox

Juniper, a fox, became best friends with a dog named Moose, who was also rescued at a very young age. Moose, an Australian Shepherd mix, became her guardian from the very first day Juniper was brought home.

They eat together, sleep together and Juniper acts like a little girl with a crush when she is around Moose.

“Juniper is in love with Moose and spends all day trying to get as much of his attention as possible,” her mom, Jessika, told Bored Panda. “I brought Juniper home when she was only five weeks old. Moose was raised around all kinds of animals so when she ran up to him tail wagging and crying they were instantly friends.”

“Foxes put their butts on things they want to own or think is theirs. Moose gets sat on daily. I’ll often walk into the room and see Moose laying down with such a glum look on his face while Juniper is there just sitting on his head, smiling.”

While their friendship is straight from a fairy tale, Juniper’s mom warns on her Instagram that keeping a fox is not just like having a dog or a cat: “Foxes smell. Bad. Their urine and feces smell like skunk mixed with ammonia. There is no way to ‘de-scent’ a fox. Foxes are destructive, they will destroy things in your house. They also need taurine, or they can go blind, suffer from seizures, and even die…”

We agree that wild animals do not make good pets, but we also applaud the people who make the effort and take the time to educate themselves on the proper way to care for rescued wildlife that cannot be released again. And we're especially grateful to those, like Jessika, who take such great pictures of them!

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