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Epic Chimpanzee Rescue
by KindMeal.my, 07 June 2016
Epic Chimpanzee Rescue

Joe the chimp was held captive at a roadside zoo for 17 years after being dumped by notorious Hollywood animal trainer Steve Martin (not to be confused with the wonderful comedic actor of the same name).

When Joe was young, he was forced to perform tricks in movies like Pirates of the Caribbean, Water for Elephants, and many others. PETA has been working to free Joe for years, and now they have finally succeeded. With the help of Save the Chimps sanctuary, Joe has been released and transferred to his new wonderful home.

Watch, too, for the surprise that awaits Joe at a pit stop on his way to the sanctuary — it's priceless!

Training wild animals to perform for our entertainment, whether elephants, lions or chimpanzees, is simply unethical and cruel. If you feel that raising animals for slaughter is also cruel, the best way to counter it is to stick to a plant-based diet. It's not difficult, fortunately, with so many delicious, meat-free foods out there!

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