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Cathay Pacific Bans Shark Fin Cargo
by KindMeal.my, 30 June 2016
Cathay Pacific Bans Shark Fin Cargo

Hong Kong flag carrier Cathay Pacific has said it will ban the carriage of shark fin on all its flights, a victory for conservationists concerned for endangered species of the predator. The southern Chinese city is one of the world's biggest markets for shark fin, often served as a soup at expensive Chinese banquets. Other airlines including Thai Airways and Philippine Airlines banned the item in recent years.

Marine conservationists praised Cathay for its decision, with one saying that it would make the city "proud". "It's high time that Cathay took the stand. It would make Hong Kong people proud," Hong Kong-based Aquameridien conservation foundation executive director Sharon Kwok told AFP. "More Hong Kong businesses need to follow the lead," said Kwok, who has been pushing for the ban for years.

Hong Kong's government in 2013 said it would stop serving shark fin at official functions as "a good example", following years of lobbying by conservation groups. Environmental group WWF said 457 tonnes of shark products were imported into Hong Kong by air in 2015, a 31 percent drop from 2014. More than 70 million sharks are killed every year, according to the WWF. Huge quantities are exported annually to Hong Kong, and most of those fins are then sent on to mainland China.

With their fins sliced off, the helpless sharks sink to the bottom of the sea to die, robbing the oceans of key apex predators needed to maintain ecological balance. It's a cruel, wasteful practice.

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