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Golden Globes Nominees – The Animals' Choice
by KindMeal.my, 16 January 2015
Golden Globes Nominees – The Animals' Choice

Forget the designer fashion and the bling (and certainly forget anyone wearing fur!). What is astonishing about this year's Golden Globes nominees is the sheer number of them that care deeply about animals, and who live out their passions and conscience every day, not just on camera. How many? Well, let's just say there are too many to include in this one post.

For starters (clockwise from upper left), we have Joaquin Phoenix. Nominated for Best Actor for the film “Inherent Vice,” Phoenix is a vegan and outspoken advocate for animals, even narrating the life-altering documentary “Earthlings.”

Patricia Arquette is an opponent of fur and staunch supporter of ending pet homelessness. The Best Supporting Actress nominee for the film “Boyhood” even posed for a PETA campaign to stop pet overpopulation.

Dominic West was nominated for Best Actor in a TV Series for “The Affair”. West is no fan of factory farms. In 2011, he teamed up in protest with locals from Derbyshire, a small village in the United Kingdom, who opposed a large-scale factory pig farm that was being proposed for the area. The fight is ongoing.

Jessica Chastain. the Best Supporting Actress nominee for the film “A Most Violent Year,” is vegan and even bought her mom the vegan food truck, "Seed on The Go", to help feed delicious plant-based foods to the masses!

Edward Norton, nominated for Best Supporting Actor for the film “Birdman,” is also president of the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust, whose work includes protecting ecosystems and bio diversity in East Africa. He also supports the African Wildlife Foundation, participating in their “Say No” campaign which urges people not to purchase ivory.

Viola Davis is best known and nominated for Best Actress in a TV Series “How To Get Away With Murder,” while animal lovers know that she cares about elephants. Davis wrote to legislators in her home state of Rhode Island, asking that they support a proposed ban on circuses that employ bull hooks from exhibiting in the state.

This is just the first group of animal welfare heroes who walked the red carpet at the Golden Globes this week. Stay tuned for more!

You may not have the exposure that these actors do, but you, too, can have an impact. Simply eating less (or no) meat has a measurable effect upon health, the planet's ecology, and certainly on animal welfare.

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