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by Animal Equality, 02 August 2016

We are delighted to introduce you all to Sarah Pickering, Animal Equality’s International Director of Communication.

Sarah is a former journalist who worked as an international correspondent for over 7 years, commissioned to write stories for UK national newspapers such as The Guardian, The Independent, The Times, Sunday Telegraph and others.

Sarah has also been WSPA’s Senior International Media Manager, as well as Communications Director for Copenhagen Climate Council for the UN Climate Conference (COP15). For the past year she has worked as a communications consultant for organizations such as Greenpeace International, Compassion in World Farming, and HSUS's coalition Citizens for Farm Animal Protection, amongst others. Sarah also has extensive knowledge in social media, branding and marketing.

Sarah is a vegan, passionate about animal rights and lives in Boston. She will be overseeing Animal Equality’s International Communications. Thumbs up for Sarah!

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