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Supermarket Quail Egg Hatches
by KindMeal.my, 11 August 2016
Supermarket Quail Egg Hatches

A man who incubated a box of twelve supermarket quail eggs, in the hope they might hatch, was stunned to discover one did. The chick, named Albert, was purchased from a supermarket in Haarlem, Netherlands, by 45-year-old Alwyn Wils. After bringing the dozen eggs home, Mr. Wils placed them all in an incubator and began to document their process on film.

Amazingly, one egg was fertilised and hatched a month later. He said: “Albert is a one in a million. “To get a fertilised egg one obviously needs both a male and female. Since the males don’t produce any eggs and the females lay her unfertilised eggs without the need for a male, eggs are rarely fertilised when they get to the supermarkets.

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