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Pig Escapes To Find Friends
by KindMeal.my, 22 September 2016
Pig Escapes To Find Friends

A 30-stone pig that broke free from its home to roam the streets "just wanted to get out there and meet people", its owner has said.

Seven-year-old Pog tore down an iron gate in owner Kathy Thomson's garden before heading into Ipswich for a 90-minute jaunt last week. "Children stroked her and everybody enjoyed her... but there was a bit of a traffic jam," Ms Thomson said.

She took Pog in after finding her as a "tiny" piglet in the road. The animal lover, who has previously kept a fox, a ferret and owls as pets, said she didn't expect Pog to "get so big" and has put her on a diet.

"I've taken her off normal farm foods because they're made to make them grow, and I don't want her to grow anymore. To me she's like an elephant - she's huge."

Pog's escapade made national headlines but it was not her first time in the limelight. Two years ago the pig, a cross between a large white, Gloucester old spot and a Duroc, was pictured in Ms Thomson's house, which was for sale.

The unusual listing was reported around the world, with Ms Thomson saying a site in America criticised the "pigsty that the English woman lives in".

"The English versions were more pleasant," she said. "Someone said 'that pig knows how to party', because it looked like she was asleep in the middle of some clothes."

Pog used to live in the house with Ms Thomson and was toilet trained after three months, her owner said.

"She used to go to the doors and smash them open and go out, even if they were shut. She'd do what she wanted, have a look around, get some food, come back in."

Although she was a good housemate, Pog was not very good at sharing the sofa. "If Pog sees a sofa she'll go on it and go to sleep," Ms Thomson said.

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