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Rescued Goat Loves New Family
by KindMeal.my, 25 October 2016
Rescued Goat Loves New Family

"Ohhh Miiilllllliiieeeee."

The volunteers at Sugarshine Sanctuary have lost count of how many times they've said these words. They say it every time Millie the goat jumps on top of the car and slides down the windscreen. Or wriggles his way inside the car. Or leaps onto the roof and tap dances for attention.

Millie (a.k.a. Miiilllllliiieeeee) was only 5 days old when he arrived at Sugarshine Sanctuary, an animal haven in New South Wales, Australia. He (yes, he) had been born into the goat dairy industry, but since Millie was a male, he was considered a "waste product" and put up for sale. When a woman saw Millie being sold at a local market, she rescued him and delivered him to Sugarshine.

"He looked so lost and scared when he arrived," Nelder told The Dodo. "He bleated until we cuddled him. He really loved cuddles. And he still does."

Even though Millie didn't have his mother, he grew healthy and strong with bottle feeds and cuddles. But one bottle was never enough for Millie — he tried to steal his friend Bonnie Lamb's bottle too. In fact, that's how "Ohhh Miiilllllliiieeeee" started.

"One day I was out feeding Bonnie and two volunteers we were with me," Nelder said. "When Millie tried to steal Bonnie's bottle again we all said 'Ohhh Miiilllllliiieeeee' at the same time. We've been saying it ever since."

Millie's tiny legs have grown, and he's now a gangly teenager. And boy can he jump. "Millie is notorious for jumping on top of cars and then either dancing in a circle and sliding down the windscreen or curling up and having a nap," says Nelder. "I've gone through a lot of windscreen wipers! He loves our volunteers' bedroom and he's thrilled if he gets in there because it's a big no-no, and he immediately leaps onto the bed and jumps around."

When Millie doesn't feel like he's getting enough attention, he'll go to all sorts of lengths — and heights — to get it. "Millie climbs on the roof of the house and the roof of the volunteers' room and dances around. He's clearly having a lot of fun making as much noise as possible! This is usually early in the morning when no humans are up yet and he's bored and wants attention."

If there's one thing Millie likes more than jumping and cuddles, it's food. His favorite foods are sunflower seeds, weetbix and whatever anyone else is eating that they don't want to share. The screen door of Nelder's house doesn't latch properly, so Millie will use his hoof to break in, enter and steal any food he can find.

He also checks cars for goodies. "He once found some yummy groceries in a car," Nelder says, "so he always leaps in to look. Then he loves jumping back and forth from the back of the car to the front while we try and catch him."

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