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Rescued Magpie Becomes Lifelong Friend
by KindMeal.my, 15 March 2015
Rescued Magpie Becomes Lifelong Friend

Having a pet magpie around the house has become the norm for the Bloom family. Named 'Penguin' simply because of her resemblance to the aquatic creature, parents Cameron and Sam along with their three kids - Rueben, 13, Noah, 11 and Oli, 9 - are quite used to her presence around their Newport home on Sydney's northern beaches.

She's often found having a sneaky snuggle in bed, dining with the family or helping the kids get ready for school in the morning.
The charismatic and affectionate bird is also popular on social media, with the help of an Instagram account which now has 3,569 followers.

Penguin has been part of the family since 2013, after young Noah found her abandoned on the ground when she was only a few weeks old.

'We kept her because I felt confident that I had the time and knowledge to bring her up safely and healthily,' Mr Bloom told Daily Mail Australia.
'My best friend is also a vet. Her diet was meticulously made so she had the right balance. It used to take me half an hour to mix it all together.'

And it appears that Penguin has settled in quite comfortably.
'The kids love her like a pet dog and it's just become so normal having her around,' Mr Bloom said.

'She likes to sing for us when she's around the house and likes to fly onto your head or sit next to you and nibble on your ear. 'She also runs down the hallway in the morning sometimes to snuggle up in bed with us or the kids.

'For some reason, she loves toothpaste so when the boys are getting ready in the morning, she's looking into their mouths.' Mr Bloom says, after a day spent flying around and hunting, Penguin is often at the house in the afternoon to greet the kids when they return from school.
'She flaps her wings with excitement when the kids come home from school and loves to eat with us as well,' he said.

'She usually has some of our scraps but sometimes when we have spaghetti, she's cheeky and dives into to grab some of the meat off the table.'

Mr Bloom, a professional photographer, has documented the moments his family has shared with Penguin and posted them on Instagram. 'The joy she's bought to all our lives has been immeasurable,' he said.

Birds are intelligent and affectionate, and that includes the cute ducks and chickens too. If we can give them a chance to be our lifelong friends, they'd certainly reciprocate with lots of love and joy!

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