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Adorable Child Sums Up Vegetarianism
by KindMeal.my, 21 March 2015
Unlike most children his age, Luiz Antonio wants to eat his vegetables. It's the other stuff that apparently gives him second thoughts.

Flavia Cavalcanti uploaded this adorable video (originally in Portuguese), of little Luiz struggling to comprehend the origins of his meal. Potato? Easy enough. Rice? Sure. Octopus gnocchi? Fat chance.

Luiz dances around the subject a bit, asking simple questions trying to grasp how, exactly, the "legs" of an octopus ended up on his plate; more importantly, he wonders, what happened to the rest of the octopus?

"Is his head still in the sea?" Luiz asks his mom, who responds, "It's at the fish market."

"The man chopped it?" Luiz asks. His mom then informs him that all animals we eat, even chickens, are chopped up, prompting the sharp realization, "No! Those are animals!"

"So… when we eat animals they die!" a wide-eyed Luiz acknowledges. "Why do they die? I don't like that they die. I like that they stay standing up... These animals -- you gotta take care of them… and not eat them!"

After that epiphany, Luiz realizes his mom has been touched by his compassion. "Why are you crying?" he asks. "I'm not crying," his mother responds. "I'm just touched by you."

"I'm doing something beautiful?" Luiz wonders aloud, prompting his mom to direct him back to the plate, "Eat! No need to eat the octopus, all right?"

Young as he is, compassionate little Luiz Atonio beautifully sums up the importance of making friends, not food. If you are touched and inspired by this little boy, do share it with your friends and try some delicious meat-free meals together at http://KindMeal.my

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