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Lizards... Up To No Good?
by KindMeal.my, 17 April 2015
Lizards... Up To No Good?

There's just something inherently sinister-looking about lizards. They slink around, their eyes point in shifty directions, and they change colours at the drop of a hat.

Look at this lot! Would you buy a used car from any one of them? Well, the truth is, despite their creepy-crawly looks, lizards are great, smart guys. Think of all the harmful insects they eat protecting our safety, including mosquitoes! And their intelligence appears highly underrated based on recent research experiments.

Lizards and other reptiles are great reminders that every animal is amazing in its very own ways, no matter how different they may look or act. All of them are equally precious.

Our advice? Admire more, and eat fewer animals! We'll satisfy you with a plethora of irresistible meat-free meals at http://KindMeal.my while you're admiring these beautiful reptiles.

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