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Owl Loves Landing On Heads
by KindMeal.my, 23 April 2015
Nothing like a quirky owl to put your town on the map!

An owl that likes to land on people’s heads has rocketed a small Dutch town to fame. Menno Shaefer, a 48-year-old from Zaandam, Netherlands, managed to document this friendly 6lb (2.7kg) European Eagle Owl as it tried to roost on the heads of onlookers in Noordeinde town. There, it sat for up to a minute before looking for another resting spot.

“Whilst photographing the owl, it did try to land one my head once,” said Shaefer to NL Times. “However, as soon as I lifted my camera to get a shot, the owl flew onto my neighbour standing by my side.” Residents think that the owl might have escaped from an aviary in Oosterwolde, and they are excited by the publicity.

“I have seen photographers and birders from around the country, from The Hague to Spijkenisse -- they come from everywhere to see the eagle owl. Our village is finally on the map!” said one happy resident.

As to why the owl behaves this way, Schaefer said, “It was a very funny thing to watch, however I’m just as confused as anyone as to why it does this.”

A different eagle owl was recently attacking and terrorising people in a different Dutch village; this one seems content to perch on the residents' heads, much to everyone's relief.

What is it about owls?! We all love them, and many cultures venerate them. In fact, though, owls are not any "wiser" than chickens, ducks, turkeys or geese, and humans think nothing of killing and eating those. So how about giving all of our feathered friends a break and moving to a more compassionate, vegetable-based diet?

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