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Cute Skunk Buddy
by KindMeal.my, 24 April 2015
Every morning when Christopher Choate gets home from work at 3am, his pet skunk Fiora is there to greet him. The little ball of energy plays an adorable game with a plastic bag,and then it’s time for hide-and-seek!

Choate says domesticated skunks are like having a cat/dog hybrid when it comes to responsibility, except that they have to eat more natural foods and sometimes can sleep up to 20 hours in the winter. They’re also surprisingly “low shedding, non-allergenic, litter box trainable, absolutely loving animals, and they are the best lap pets known to man.” He had her scent glands removed when she was a kit, so no skunky odor. They’re also super, super cute.

Skunks aren't the only ones that need to eat more natural foods – we do, too! The most healthful diet for humans is a plant-based one, so if you want to have Fiora's energy, check out the latest offer on meat-free meals at http://KindMeal.my.

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