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Monkey Teaches Rude Tourist A Lesson
by KindMeal.my, 05 May 2015
Karma bites! And scratches, too.

If some random person flipped you off, how would you react? You’d probably be pretty upset. We imagine there’d be some yelling involved – of course, we’d never advocate violence, but when someone disrespects you, you do what ya gotta do.

Well, it turns out that the same goes for humans and monkeys alike. As our closest relatives on the species side, monkeys are incredibly intelligent and deserve just as much respect and consideration as any human. When the tourist in this video decided it would be a good idea to flip off a monkey who is minding his own business on the street, he had another thing coming to him.

We bet that smug guy will think twice before disrespecting another living creature again!

Monkeys are far from the only ones who are conscious of disrespect and mistreatment. Let's start to show all species more respect and compassion by eating fewer of them. KindMeal.my has a wide assortment of great meat-free, karma-positive meals. Monkey would approve!

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