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Three cheers for Emirates!
by KindMeal.my, 17 May 2015
Three cheers for Emirates!

Emirates Airlines will stop carrying hunting trophies of elephants, rhinos, lions, or tigers on its planes, the company announced this week. The decision is meant as a step “to eliminate illegal trade and transportation of hunting trophies worldwide and save wildlife heritage.”

By banning trophies on their flights the airline is essentially leapfrogging the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), which regulates and allows for the sale of certain animal species. “As part of our efforts to prevent the illegal trade of hunting trophies of elephant, rhinoceros, lion and tiger,” said an Emirates SkyCargo spokesperson, the airline “has decided that effective 15th May 2015, we will not accept any kind of hunting trophies of these animals for carriage on Emirates services, irrespective of CITES appendix.”

Lion trophies in particular have become increasingly popular among wealthy foreign hunters visiting Africa, who pay large fees to shoot wild or captive-bred animals, have their bodies stuffed, then take the trophies home.

Emirates’ decision comes as a movement to end the practice of lion hunting in South Africa seems to be gaining traction. In March, Australia banned the importation of hunting trophies, and talks are now under way with officials in the European Parliament to also instigate a ban.

Elephants, tigers, rhinos, and lions are all threatened in the wild to varying degrees because of poaching and illicit international trading in their body parts.

We think it's important to give credit to companies who take strong ethical stances, especially when they concern our fellow creatures and our planet's ecology. We applaud Emirates, and we are also grateful to our KindMeal.my partners, who offer compassionate, sustainable, meat-free offerings on their menus every day. Will you support these companies, too?

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