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Cute Chubby Hedgehog
by KindMeal.my, 23 May 2015
As the week goes on, it only gets harder to get up and going in the mornings. This hedgehog can barely manage it. Can you relate?

Underweight and at risk, this now hefty hedgehog was brought to HART Wildlife Rescue in North East Hampshire, England in the hopes that he could be rehabilitated for release into the wild. Only a juvenile at the time of rescue, he was too vulnerable to release before the cold, hard winter hit, and so he spent the chilly months at the rescue putting on weight.

Which is probably why his attempts to make a run for it during a routine health exam at the rescue are going rather poorly. Honestly, the rescue did a pretty good job of filling this guy out. He should do juuuust fine in the wild now (where he was released in early 2015).

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