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Curious Friendship Between A Pig & Rooster
by KindMeal.my, 25 May 2015
Can a pig have a pet?

When farm owner and filmmaker John Chester first met Emma the pig, she was near the brink of death. Pregnant, sick and underweight, Emma nearly died while giving birth to 13 piglets. In the end, it was Emma's own piglets who saved her. Chester noticed that as soon as she was reunited with her brood, Emma's condition seemed to improve. "If I hadn't seen this with my own eyes, I would have never believed it," he said.

With a new purpose in life, Emma grew healthy and strong. But as all children do, her little ones eventually grew up and moved onto pastures of their own. Chester noticed that Emma appeared lonely. Without her piglets to keep her company, Chester was curious: Could an unlikely friend – a rooster named Greasy – fill the void?

The relationship between Emma and Greasy clearly has emotional aspects as well as practical ones. It's just one more instance of inter-species friendships that show animals' abilities to bond with each other. How about vowing to form gentler bonds with other species by eating fewer (or none) of them?

KindMeal.my has dozens of promotions on compassionate, meat-free meals. None of Emma's relatives, nor Greasy's, either!

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