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The True Human Nature — Kindness
by KindMeal.my, 12 July 2015
The True Human Nature — Kindness

Sometimes it feels like the world is an overwhelmingly, irredeemably cruel place, but if we take a moment to look around, we can find heroes – everyday people who are motivated by kindness. And the best part? It's contagious! Go on, watch this video and see if you don't feel inspired to help someone – of any species.

Even if you don't encounter a dog in an icy canal or a lamb who's tumbled over a cliff today, you can make a bold statement of compassion and heroism by declining to eat meat, at least once in a while. Every plant-based meal you eat saves lives!

KindMeal.my exists to help people become heroes at the dining table by connecting us with delicious, nutritious and meat-free dining throughout the Klang Valley.

Be a hero now – enjoy a compassionate meal at http://KindMeal.my

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