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Bunny Hopping Contest
by KindMeal.my, 22 July 2015
Bunny Hopping Contest

Yes, it's a stadium jumping event, but there's not a horse in sight.

Rabbit show jumping: It's a thing. Rabbits are adorable enough when they're hopping around the yard, nibbling veggies or twitching their little noses, but put them on an obstacle course where their floppy ears fly through the air as they leap over barriers and cuteness really ensues. Best of all, they appear to love their new sport.

Rabbits are admittedly off-the-charts cute, but they are often raised for food, not only kept as pets. The idea of eating rabbit stew makes most of us cringe, but honestly, shouldn't we cringe as much before tucking into beef or lamb stew? Let's challenge ourselves to eat less meat, set the bar higher as it were on a more plant-based diet.

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