Win Tickets to Dr. Jane Goodall's Talk
29 Oct 2016   |   9.30am   |   Berjaya Times Square Hotel
10 Pairs of Exclusive Tickets will be given away to attend Dr. Jane Goodall's talk, organized by Roots & Shoots Malaysia!

Meet Dr. Jane Goodall, world-renowned primatologist, ethologist, environmentalist & United Nations Messenger of Peace, and be inspired by her vision of transforming global youths' passion into action.

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Sep 29th 2016
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This is a dog from Paws , which is the animals shelter that located in ss15, subang jaya. At first I was very afraid dogs, scare them will bite me ,chase after me and try to go near to me. I felt very luck because I have overcome my fear and I always visit to there every Sunday when I free. A truth I want to tell everyone is those cats and dogs at there is cute and lovely , but some of them are surrendered by owner and some of them are caught from the street. For an example I would like to share a story between this golden receiver and me. When the moment I saw this dog , he is dirty as a garbage but after taking shower only realised that he is cute and friendly. Actually this dog is surrendered by owner due to consuming a lot of food, as you can see he is obesity. Even the workers at there take a pack of hand wash shampoo refill he will thought that is a food for him , and lastly he keep follow the workers. There are many good memories between he and me, is quite a long story to talk. Lastly I really hope that everyone will know how important to protect living things not only animals even plant also, they also same as human they have their life they can opportunity to choose the way they survive. That is all I can say. Thank you.
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