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A Delicious KindMoment..
Dec 16th 2014, 5:11PM
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Tong Sui in Chinese means sweet water; it is a watery/soup type of (usually sweet) dessert that usually consist of beans, grains, dried fruits & sugar. Sometimes pandan leaves, ginger, rice dumplings and even hard boiled eggs are added for a more filling zing effect.

Pictured here is type of tong sui made with dried longan (mata kucing), white fungus, dried honey dates (matjoe) without any sugar as the dried honey dates are sweet. Light & easy. It was meant to be a herbal medicine to treat sore throat & it's rich with collagen.

As I sat to cool it down in the dark, the morning sun was just rising & decided to snap shot it. Was surprised by the natural effect. The taste of this tong sui was soothing & nutritious. Nothing beats home cooked style, as it's cooked with love :)
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