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Dec 18th 2014, 2:10AM
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Overnight Oats became a hit among fitness/health/on-the-go enthusiast this year.

It's basically oats soak overnight with milk/soya/water (as long as with liquid) to allow it to be soft & topped with various types of fruits, seeds (e.g. chia, flakeseeds, sesame), nuts & etc. like honey, yoghurt, dried fruits to provide the additional taste to the bland oatmeal.

It's is a fast, simple, instant method whereby you can prepare jars of it in advance. Leave it overnight & take it to go & consume at room temperature in the morning or while travelling. Although not really recommend to leave it in room temperature for (over 4 hours) too long/hot weather as the taste will be off/stale because of the milk/yoghurt.

For a moment, I got hooked on it. This was my first time trying it & since it was so delicious... I requested for seconds. It has oats at the bottom, chia seeds (so it's chewy), yoghurt (sour taste) topped with crunchy salty granular, blue berries & strawberries. It's almost like eating McDonald's ice cream sundae topped with extra Oreos.. except it's more healthy :)
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