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Feb 2nd 2016, 2:31PM
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Quan Ice cream and coffee house
Love the sour ,non spicy taste and the nicely baked egg,bits of egg white and chicken go nice together with rice
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FatJedi   Feb 3rd 2016 at 6:32PM
The egg looks perfect! Do they have nice vegetarian options there?
PiggyLovesToEat   Feb 4th 2016 at 12:24AM
Oh, Quan Ice-cream and Coffee House is the shop name? Never knew there's such coffee house at Ampang! Izit new?
karenkhong   Feb 29th 2016 at 6:11PM
@fatjedi,sorry to say, nope they don't have
@SiewKhianNg,yes,it was the shop name.not a new coffee shop
PiggyLovesToEat   Mar 1st 2016 at 1:01AM
Is the food there good?
karenkhong   Mar 1st 2016 at 9:11AM
Recently i tried their fried noodle..got 'wok hei'..but the recent visit kinda dissapointing as i feel they don't have clean environment
karenkhong   Mar 1st 2016 at 10:04AM
@fatjedi,I think icecream is one of their specialty
PiggyLovesToEat   Mar 1st 2016 at 11:04PM
Do they have very unique ice-cream flavours?
karenkhong   Mar 2nd 2016 at 8:38AM
Coconut,mint ,chocolate..so far i recall and many more ice cream flavours..
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