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Lot 100.1.037 First Floor, The School, No 72A Jalan University, 46200 Petaling Jaya
Nov 7th 2016, 1:05AM
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*cubit photo from fb*

Anyone remembered Salad Bar that died a terrible death at Damansara Uptown?

This place may not be as creative as that and Chai Bar, but at ChimiChurri, you are the boss! Think Subway. Sumbat all you like onto your sandwich/wrap, very nice when they toast the whole thing. In a bowl, lagi untung but cold la. Put as many sauces as you like, sampai banjir if you thick skin enough :P (they label the ingredients, very kind). Free flow water with lemon / apple infusion.

Get your healthy lunch fix here :D
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ValeryKoh   Nov 7th 2016 at 3:05PM
looks so healthy and refreshing!! How much was this?
FatJedi   Nov 7th 2016 at 8:42PM
Salad Bar was my favorite salad place... Especially their cauliflower fried rice! Does this place have a variety of other menu items besides salads and wraps?
keitsu   Nov 7th 2016 at 11:17PM
@valerykoh: RM9.90 for vegetarian salad bowl / sandwich / wrap!

@fatjedi: i miss salad bar too! their salad combinations are great!
anyways, ChimiChurri has salad bowls, wraps and sandwiches. they do have cauliflower rice as a warm filling. you could check out the menu here:

they have nasi lemak but not vegetarian la. they have soup of the day too (potato leek, but i heard from others got pumpkin soup but can't seem to catch them on the right days).
FatJedi   Nov 7th 2016 at 11:18PM
Thanks for the info, I'll definitely go there to try soon!
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