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Hakka Lei Cha + Organic Soy Milk
Green Meadow   -   Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Aug 25th 2014, 10:14AM
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Note: whoever plans to eat here, clean your tongue! This restaurant strongly abides to using less oil (wow!), less sugar (nice!) and less salt (uh-oh). When they say less, they are not joking. First timers, be prepared. It is ok to ask for a salt shaker or soya sauce.

This leicha is pretty flavourful, considering the soup just taste like herb grass (omg where's the salt lol). When you are used to their cooking, you will realise their food don't settle in your tummy like a brick. Having this meal with the free drink makes me feel real mellow.

If you checked out their ala-carte, you'll notice small and big leicha. This meal is the big leicha soup version, so don't worry (the soup covers all the rice). Really worth it! :9

The drink is the powdered organic soyabean milk. Very nice to have it warm. Again, don't expect it to be sweet as you are used to. Otherwise, enjoy!
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FatJedi   Aug 25th 2014 at 9:07PM
Sounds very healthy indeed. I think I will be dumping in a bottle of salt based on your description hahaha!
PiggyLovesToEat   Aug 25th 2014 at 10:16PM
Yeah, i supposed you would, you salty heavy tastebuds FatJedi!
GreenMeadow   Aug 26th 2014 at 12:33PM
Thanks for the review, we hope you can come back for more dishes !
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