Japanese Tonkatsu Rice Set, RM11.00 — Raku Raku
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"Kimchi cheese! Two of my favorite items combined!"
FatJedi, on 紙上城市@台南神農店@台灣
"Wow.. only ONE per day? How is the special coffee like... so.."
FatJedi, on 等一個人咖啡館(景美本店)@文山區@台北台灣..
"煤炭巧克力 and gold one looks very interesting... how does it tas.."
FatJedi, on 九份@新北市台灣
"I like 臭豆腐 too! My favorite ones there are the BBQ and Kimch.."
FatJedi, on 陳家豆腐@深坑@新北市台灣
"Those black beans look very big like grapes... what do they .."
FatJedi, on 滿來溫泉拉麵店@新北投@台北台灣
"Wow, you are in Taiwan now! There's a lot of nice street foo.."
FatJedi, on 佳香豆漿店@新店@台北台灣
"Cool! If you have a photo of that, please share on KindMomen.."
FatJedi, on Pasta & Coffee Set
"It was Angry Bird! ;)"
monyu, on Pasta & Coffee Set
"If I'm not mistaken is Hello Kitty"
JanetOng, on Pasta & Coffee Set
"Nice! What cute drawing is on your cafe latte?"
FatJedi, on Pasta & Coffee Set

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