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Who said durians can not take plane? Seal it and won't have any smell at all... p/s: feel very warm my bro still remember to left .. see more
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Lemon cherry tea presented in different way :D (just because the foods is not attractive enough to post)
Blue Cheese Tortellini + Iced Lemon Black Cherry Tea
Basil Pasta House
Off Jalan Kuchai Lama , Kuala Lumpur
3 5
I still remember I've been waiting 3 hours long from lunch til dinner just for the dessert here, it didn't disappoint me! Strawber.. see more
Drip Cafe
2 7
Couldn't miss any juices in Jakarta!
Cafe Batavia
5 6
Smile for my dinner smile for Monday blue tmr
Wildcow's Kitchen
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Homemade salad! It's hard for non-salad eater---me! But this is one of my diet plan... I'm going to swallow all these raw vegetabl.. see more
Wildcow's Kitchen
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