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A Delicious KindMoment..
Dec 16th 2014, 9:11AM
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Tiramisu which is very strong in Kahlua and Coffee hahaha. I made everything from scratch, even the lady fingers. There is a mixture of almond cream and cashew cream. Took me 1 whole day and it was gobbled up in a few hours. hahahaha So much for the time and efforts.

Egg free Lactose free Dairy free.
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FatJedi   Dec 16th 2014 at 8:04PM
Wow I like Kahlua! Your house seems to have lots of different alcohols for your masterpieces.
BluePenguin   Dec 16th 2014 at 10:13PM
hahahahahaha, not mine and nobody is I put things in to good use (actually to get rid of them) hahaha
FatJedi   Dec 16th 2014 at 11:14PM
I will gladly help you get rid of all the rest of the bottles.
BluePenguin   Dec 16th 2014 at 11:23PM
he he he he.....the bottles only hahaha
jotsdots   Dec 17th 2014 at 1:23PM
I like the word "lactose free" LOL. Wow this is amazing! I hv to admit my first cake tht I baked, was hard like stones. The self raising flour refused to "wakeup!" even after 1/2 day. So in the end, it bcm a weird cookie lk kuih.
BluePenguin   Dec 17th 2014 at 1:41PM
hahaha, maybe you left the dough standing too long before you put it into the oven? ;)
jotsdots   Dec 17th 2014 at 3:39PM
Hmm maybe.. :)
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