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Ho Ho Ho! So happy! I got all these:- 5 packets of pastries for RM12 only and I topped up RM3.95 because I could not resist not t.. see more
RM20 Valentime Cash Voucher
Biogreen Valentime Bakery
Puchong & 4 Branches
4 2
My siblings are fond of Western style cooking especially fish & chips. She's not cut out for cooking Western food but it's sure .. see more
3 8
Guess what is this? Looks like #birdnest right? It's not but it's packed rich with nurtitions, #vegan & tasty... It's a type of .. see more
G-55 Dataran Millennium Square, Jalan 14/1 , 46100 Petaling Jaya
0 0
Done steps, stretching #exercise cooling down with #lemon infused drink handy #citruszinger bottle aaaah verry hottt today eh *m.. see more
0 1
#Strawberry #Bingsu at #CaffeBene Calling all alien...*beep beep* Your spaceship is ereee.. This is like our Malaysian version of.. see more
Caffebene Malaysia Jaya Shopping Centre
Jalan Semangat, 46100 Petaling Jaya
0 0
Hobi saya zaman sekarang sempoi saje iaitu jadi #Jaguh taman, duduk tepi jln makan #Jagung! Menghirup angin Sambil menikmati buru.. see more
Pasar Tani Seksyen 17, Petaling Jaya
Jalan 17 2, Petaling Jaya
1 3
Ever had those moment when you are just too tired & hot to cook or eat anything for dinner? And you are home alone smile emoticon.. see more
0 0
What I had for lunch earlier? #Triple #Chocolate #ICECREAM !!!! consist of choc ice cream (of course) + #chocolatesauce + #choc #.. see more
Cold Storage
Petaling Jaya
1 5
#digiLetsInspire #KindMeal #Aunt #Frugal mode... Come Aunty share wth u.. How to eat, drink, cool down for below RM5. There's t.. see more
1 3
The ingredients to make salad are actually pretty affordable (depends on where you purchase it of course!) A healthy salad is eas.. see more
1 5
Potato Croquette from Lavendar, One Utama Lavendar Bakery is more well known for it's fresh baked pastries and unforgettable-must.. see more
Lavender @ 1Utama
Petaling Jaya
0 0
Sangkaya Ice Cream (again!) Yes :D pure coconut ice cream topped with sweet corn, roasted shaved coconut flakes at Jaya One. Pure.. see more
Sangkaya Coconut Ice-Cream Jalan Alor
Kuala Lumpur
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