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Leverkuesen, Deutschland
Jan 24th 2015, 1:50PM
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Herbal flower tea! Fresh! :D My American-German host mom had a really cool Yogi and extremely health conscious friend living in the highlands. (no WIFI, everything organic, least electronics). She manages a garden full of pretty flowers and herbal ones too.

I ate the flowers....No worries, I told them it is not Malaysian culture nor Chinese culture.
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FatJedi   Jan 24th 2015 at 8:59PM
How nice to enjoy this tea atop a breezy, scenic mountain! And I'm glad you clarified that not all Malaysians munch flowers like this cow
BluePenguin   Jan 24th 2015 at 9:06PM
*flip tables* *attack your fridge* - like a PENGUIN.
PiggyLovesToEat   Jan 25th 2015 at 12:24AM
Wow, penguin becomes a cow now huh
PiggyLovesToEat   Jan 25th 2015 at 12:25AM
Penguin, are you there now? Or this is a throwback?
BluePenguin   Jan 25th 2015 at 7:34AM
hahahaha Lucy: "I am everywhere"... throwback hahahaha. I found old photos while doing some "cleanup" on pc.
PiggyLovesToEat   Jan 25th 2015 at 8:30AM
Lol, I see. I need to clean up my hp photos too, but haven't got time to do it yet 😅
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