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Xiang Fu Xiang Cheng Hunan Restaurant - 鄉府湘城湖南菜馆
1-47, Kompleks Rimbun Scott (The Scott Garden Mall), 289, Jalan Klang Lama,, 58100 Kuala Lumpur
Aug 23rd 2015, 8:48PM
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This is an awesome dessert!

It's sweet potato coated with batter and a thin layer of crystallised orange sugar! Very hot. The cold water is there for you to dip it in!
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JoeyLee   Aug 24th 2015 at 11:24AM
Wow this is really interesting. But dip in cold water. For a cold version of it ?
BluePenguin   Aug 24th 2015 at 11:33AM
Haha it's for safety purposes. The battered sweet potatoes are coated with a hot layer of liquid orange sugar. So it's very hot that it can burn your lips and tongue if we don't dip it in ice water. Haha
BluePenguin   Aug 24th 2015 at 11:33AM
Means you can't actually eat the hot version of it haha
FatJedi   Aug 24th 2015 at 6:37PM
Interesting way of eating it.. Orange sugar must be pretty fragrant!
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