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Gandhi's Vegetarian Restaurant
Scott Sentral Service, Suite 3A/05, Ground Floor, 28 Jalan Scott, Brickfields, 50470 Kuala Lumpur
Jul 15th 2017, 12:21PM
FatJedi,  AmandaPan like this    
KL people need to know this place. Guess what, it was only RM 5.50!!! No coupon needed hahaha.
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AmandaPan   Jul 15th 2017 at 7:00PM
Woohooooo. 5.50 for a meal!
FatJedi   Jul 15th 2017 at 8:36PM
That's a great price, can eat double serving haha!
CwenYeohXiwen   Jul 15th 2017 at 8:41PM
they don't look at the serving, but the number of dishes you get. One dish is RM1.50, regardless of quantity as long as you fit into the plate la XD
FatJedi   Jul 15th 2017 at 8:55PM
Wow, so fat dudes like me can pile it up like Mount Everest 😁
CwenYeohXiwen   Jul 15th 2017 at 8:56PM
YAS! XD If you are going rmb to jio me, I am just nearby :P
FatJedi   Jul 15th 2017 at 8:59PM
You don't even need to order, can just eat off the top of my mountain haha!
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