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Davina Da Vegan
Apr 3rd 2020, 3:10PM
Like this delicious KindMoment!    

Did you know that the only two natural vegan sources of Vitamin D is sunshine and mushrooms? AND... that when both of these sources are combined, it could give you the natural equivalent of a Vit D supplement? 🌞🍄⠀

Multiple studies have shown that exposing mushrooms to sunlight makes their their Vit D content soar to extraordinary levels. In one study conducted by mycologist Paul Stamet, he observed that sun exposure increased the Vitamin D levels of freshly-picked shiitake mushrooms from 110 IU (International Units) to a whopping 46,000 IU! Using the sunlight technique, another experiment conducted at the Technical University of Denmark managed to produce more Vit D in mushrooms per 100g (164 micrograms) than salmon (30 micrograms).⠀

If you are doing this at home, leaving your mushrooms on your balcony or window sill on a sunny day for 15-30 minutes will sufficiently boost their Vit D levels. Leave them gill side up. It works on all types of mushrooms, whole or sliced, fresh or dehydrated. If using dried mushrooms, the generated vitamin D will last for over a year, making sure you can get the ‘sunshine vitamin’ all year round, even winter. And because vitamin D is stable up to 200 to 260 degrees Celsius, it stays mostly intact during the cooking process too.⠀

This has been such a fascinating discovery for me, and I could read about it all day. If you’re curious, Google it up and try it for yourself!
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