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Sesame Spaghetti + Apple Juice
Beyond Veggie   -   Petaling Jaya & 3 Branches
Jul 13th 2015, 12:54PM
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Very satisfying meal at Beyond Veggie! The spaghetti is really fragrant with the aroma of sesame sauce, and the crispy fried vegetarian fish is a nice contrast to the soft pasta. Wish there were more vegetables though! Comes with a refreshing apple juice too.
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BluePenguin   Jul 13th 2015 at 2:52PM
Wah FatJedi, you're such a huge Foodie! I just saw this deal then you go makan edy...looks so tasty. Ooo, is this portion small? Looks small in the pic, good for penguin heehee
FatJedi   Jul 13th 2015 at 2:58PM
Haha I happened to be be near one of their outlets when I saw the deal! This pasta portion is just fine for me, not small and not as filling as their rice / meehoon items I've tried in the past.
JoeyLee   Jul 13th 2015 at 3:03PM
Wow new deal. Awesome! So many outlets to go to. 😍😍😍
BluePenguin   Jul 13th 2015 at 3:04PM
Hahahaha Joey, everyday go to different outlets 🙊 heehee
Michellicious   Jul 13th 2015 at 4:08PM
Ya this is one of my favourite from beyond veggie :)
FatJedi   Jul 13th 2015 at 4:13PM
Great... now you can eat your favorite pasta at special discount! =)
MeiMei   Jul 13th 2015 at 7:12PM
I love sesame sauce! It goes well with anything eg. Salad, bread, pasta etc!
PiggyLovesToEat   Jul 15th 2015 at 12:56AM
Eh @Fatty, asparagus expensive you know... If kangkung, they can give you more lar lol! Btw, the apple juice looks huge!
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