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A Delicious KindMoment..
Jun 1st 2016, 8:00PM
Like this delicious KindMoment!    
One of my mom's signature dishes — cereal "chicken"! Crispy cornflakes and cereals cooked with margarine, fried curry leaves and cili padi.

Every bite is crunchy and spicy with fragrant aftertaste. And yes, I ate all the crispy curry leaves and cili padi too!
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JiLeShiJie   Jun 1st 2016 at 10:32PM
It looks delicious
JoeyLee   Jun 2nd 2016 at 1:41AM
Wow sounds yummy!! Can replace margarine with butter ?
FatJedi   Jun 2nd 2016 at 5:51PM
Yup! Butter even more fragrant I believe, depends on whether you prefer vegan or vegetarian version. Remember to add in the curry leaves and cili padi, really makes a lot of difference in "kick", especially since you love Indian food haha!

The seasoned cereals can actually be bought in packets from some sundry shops / marts, so just need to fry it with butter and add in the other ingredients.
JoeyLee   Jun 2nd 2016 at 6:40PM
Ah true. Vegan use margarine. Need to pluck some chili leaves n chili padi from my moms garden d.
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