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Inspired by the love for animals and the planet, Hainan Village Kopitiam is an advocate of meat-free, egg & plant-based diet. And yes, our outdoor dining area is pet-friendly!

Select any items from our delicious menu:

• R01, Signature Hainan Roasted VChicken Rice
• R02, Signature Hainan White-Cut VChicken Rice
• R03, Signature VChar Siew Rice
• R04, Hainan Roasted & White-Cut VChicken Rice
• R05, Nasi Lemak Biasa
• R06, Signature Nasi Lemak with Rendang VChicken
• R07, Nasi Lemak with Rendang VMutton
• R08, Curry Mixed Veggie Rice
• R09, Curry Vchicken Potato with Turmeric Rice
• R10, Special Sambal Petai Fried Rice
• R11, XO Sauce Petai Fried Rice
• R12, Hainan Mui's Golden Garlic Fried Rice
• R13, Assorted Tonna Fried Rice
• R14, Lei Cha with Brown Rice
• R15, Braised Pork Rice
• R16, Stir-Fried VChicken with Basil & Egg

• N01, Pangkor Laksa
• N02, Special Curry Mee Hoon & Noodles
• N03, Cantonese Style Yuen Yong Noodles
• N03A, Cantonese Style Kuey Teow
• N04, Cantonese Style Noodle
• N05, Claypot Lou Shu Fun
• N06, Shredded VChicken Hor Fun
• N07, Loh Mee
• N08, Fish Head Meehoon Soup
• N09, White Radish Pepper Soup Meehoon
• N10, Curry Chee Cheong Fun
• N11, Stir-Fried Chee Cheong Fun with XO Sauce
• N12, Fried Meehoon with XO Sauce
• N13, Special Double Egg Char Kuey Teow
• N14, Stir-Fried Nyonya Petai Meehoon
• N15, Kampung Style Fried Meehoon
• N16, GonLou Dry Noodles with VChar Siew
• N17, GonLou Dry Noodles with Curry VChicken Potato

• MS01, Signature Honey BBQ VChar Siew
• MS02, Signature Hainan Roasted VChicken
• MS03, Signature Hainan White-Cut VChicken
• MS04, You & Me (Roasted & White-Cut VChicken)
• MS05, Rendang VMutton
• MS06, Rendang VChicken
• MS07, Nan Feng Fried VChicken
• MS08, Marmite Lotus Roots
• MS09, Asam VFish
• MS10, Sweet & Sour VFish
• MS11, Pangkor Satay VFish
• MS12, Marmite VFish (Eggplant)
• MS13, Crispy Salted VFish Roll (Per pcs)
• MS14, Kangkung VSquid
• MS15, Kung Pao VSquid
• MS16, Hong Kong Style Fried VSquid
• MS17, Salted & Pepper Fried VSquid
• MS18, Five-Spices Spring Roll

• TM01, Homemade Pumpkin Tofu
• TM02, Homemade Preserved Radish Tofu
• TM03, Creamy Abalone Mushroom
• TM04, Marmite Abalone Mushroom
• TM05, Salted Egg Abalone Mushrrom
• TM06, Broccoli with Mixed Mushroom
• TM07, Sweet & Sour Golden Mushroom
• TM08, Spicy & Sour Tempeh
• TM09, Salted Egg Tempeh

• V01, Curry Mixed Veggie
• V02, Beansprouts with Salted Fish
• V03, Kangkung (Stir-Fried/Fermented Beancurd)
• V04, Stir-Fried Mixed Veggie (Stir-Fried/Fermented)
• V05, Stir-Fried Sweet Potato Leaves (Stir-Fried/Fermented Beancurd/Belacan/Sambal Belacan)
• V06, Stir-Fried Lettuce (Stir-Fried/Fermented Beancurd/Belacan/Sambal Belacan)
• V07, Stir-Fried Lady Finger
• V08, Fragrant Garlic Eggplant
• V09, Stir-Fried Long Beans
• V10, Hainan Lou Four Heavenly Kings
• V11, Stir-Fried Green Beans w/ Salted Olive
• V12, Fragrant Braised Eggplant
• V13, Fu Yung Omelette
• V14, Asam Mustard Greens
• V15, Signature Golden Crispy Yam Ring

• S01, Herbal Coconut Soup
• S02, White Raddish Pepper Soup
• S03, VSharkfin Soup

• BS01, Hainanese Butter & Kaya Toast
• BS02, Butter & Kaya Crunchy Peanut Bun
• BS03, Half-boiled Kampung Egg (2pcs)
• BS04, Curry Toast Bread with Kampung Egg

• AO1, Nasi Lemak
• AO2, Hainanese VChicken Rice
• AO3, Brown Rice
• AO4, Peanut
• AO5, Sambal
• AO6, Curry Sauce
• AO7, Fried Egg
• AO8, Hard Boiled Egg
• AO9, Curry Potato
• AO10, Luncheon Vmeat

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Diet Restriction
Contains EggsContains Dairy
or Milk
No Alcohol

Rating (17 Votes)

Location (6 Outlets)
3G, Jalan Temenggung 25/9, Bandar Mahkota Cheras, 43200 Cheras, Selangor.
Opens: Mon - Sun: 9am - 9pm
Tel: 012-2192622
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  • Discount is not valid for Local Delicacies, Drinks & Desserts
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  • Outdoor dining area is pet-friendly
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Tai Siew Lee,   Jul 5th 2023

Yin Yin Boey,   Jul 18th 2023

🌱VEGAN FOOD ADVENTURES with Raw Chef Yin - Hainan Village at Megah Rise🌱

Saw Good Life with Gan posting about this place so we decided to check it out!
This is a vegetarian place. Too bad vegan options are not clearly marked so we had to ask and check and double confirm.

We had:
✅Pangkor Laksa x1 RM15.90
✅Special Curry Mee Hoon RM13.90
✅Stir-fried Nyonya Petai Mee Hoon Noodles x1 RM14.90
✅Curry Chee Cheong RM5.90
Total RM55.65

They couldn’t confirm whether the mee noodles had eggs so they suggested to just have all mee hoon noodles instead for the curry.

No dairy milk is used in the curry, only coconut milk.
Remember to request for no eggs if you’re vegan.

Food was really good. I was surprised, actually. I thought it’d just be another chain restaurant but we enjoyed all the dishes.

There wasn’t much petai in the Petai Mee Hoon noodles though…
I would go back again to have the curry noodles and also try their nasi lemak.
(Yup, I brought my own container of raw lettuce along)

Parking is available in the mall.

Hainan Village 海南乡
Hainan Village Malayan Kopitiam (Petaling Jaya)
G-13A & 15, Megah Rise, 3, Jalan SS 24/9, Taman Megah, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Fat Jedi,   Jul 23rd 2023

Satisfying meal of chicken rice, kaya butter toast and Hainan coffee. Good quality food, reasonable prices and packed with customers.
William 21,   Sep 10th 2023

Yummy 😋
William 21,   Nov 24th 2023

Yummy food😋
Fat Jedi,   Dec 24th 2023

Rich fragrant curry noodles, crispy kaya butter toast and a Hainanese coffee.

Only remembered to take photo after eating halfway. 🤣

Yummy meal at reasonable price!
William 21,   Jan 7th 2024

Revisited Hainan Village and tried on Special Double Egg Char Kuey Teow. Taste good 😋
Chew Leng Leng,   Jan 17th 2024

Hainan Village at Anggun City Rawang
Add : No.116-1 Pusat Kommersial Anggun City, Jalan Anggun City 3, Anggun City, 48000 Rawang, Selangor.
Tel : 0178633823
Business Hour : 9.00am to 3.30pm, 5.00pm to 9.00pm
Rest day : Tuesday
GPS : 3.317961,101.537797
Yin Yin Boey,   Feb 16th 2024

⛵Vegan Food Adventures with Raw Chef Yin - Hainan Village, Kepong⛵

My left wrist is in pain so figured we just eat out… since we haven’t tried the Hainan Village at Manjalara and we enjoyed the one at Megah Rise last year, we thought we’d head over there.

Especially since has a free coupon for 10% discount on the meals at Hainan Village.

Previously we were told there’s no dairy milk in the curry but today the server told us there is. But I said at other outlets there’s no cow’s milk so she went to check and she said it does contain milk. So we decided to order different items. Later, I realised she must have thought that coconut milk is considered milk. So I asked another lady and she confirmed there’s no cow’s milk, only coconut milk ie santan is used in all their curry dishes. Oooh, then we have to go back again to have their curry! 😄

We wanted to order Lei Cha but they didn’t have it for the day. Sold out, they said. But it’s 12.30pm, how can it be sold out?

We had:
✅Steamed Turnip Cake x1 RM11.90
✅Spicy & Sour Tempeh RM8.90
✅Brown Rice x1 RM3.50
✅Stir-fried Chee Cheong Fun with XO Sauce ×1 RM13.90
✅White Radish Pepper Soup Kuey Teow & Meehoon x1 RM15.90
10% Off Total Bill with KindMeal coupon -RM5.41
Subtotal RM48.69
Service Charge 10% RM4.87
Total RM53.55

I liked the tempeh but it was such a small portion. I think it’s only enough for one person. The stir-fried chee cheong fun was good too. The steamed turnip cake was a bit bland so I wouldn’t order that again.

The radish pepper soup with kuey teow & mee hoon was interesting. I didn’t expect it to have that meaty smell which I find a bit off putting. So I didn’t eat those bits. But the noodles and the soup was really nice. I enjoyed drinking the soup!

It’s a new restaurant so everything was clean and news, and felt really festive with the CNY decor.
I parked at the basement of the building. RM2 per hour.

Hainan Village @ Kepong, Bandar Menjalara
No 6-G, Gloor Floor, Wisma Menjalara, Jalan 7A/62A, Bandar Menjalara, 52200 Kuala Lumpur , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
William 21,   Mar 25th 2024

Petai Fried Rice and Double Egg Kuew Teow
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