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Happy Happy Vegetarian
No: 26-1, Jalan Damar SD 15/1, Bandar Sri Damansara, 52200 K..
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Happy Happy Vegetarian
No: 26-1, Jalan Damar SD 15/1, Bandar Sri Damansara, 52200 K..
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Happy Happy Vegetarian
165, Jalan Bukit Desa, 52100 Kepong
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NameHappy Vegetarian
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LocationWilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia
OccupationVegetarian Restauran
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午餐,晚餐伙食,非常方便在外工作的你,没有固定的菜单(什飯),但菜式天天更换,每天把健康的素食送到你府上或你上班的地方,非常方便! 还有特别定购菜肴,生日,结婚,及各种自助餐. Happy Vege 绝对是你最佳的选择。
另外,快乐素食 vegetariandelivery.com.my 同时可在线訂购午餐,晩餐和特别定购菜肴服务。我们在数碼的進化时代推出快递上門服务,帮助我们的客户找到自己喜爱的健康食物,容易和方便地从家里,从工作中,还是在路上都可通过我们的网站或者通过我们的应用程序耒提供所有的素食餐服务。
学生优惠价格! above 30 boxes
營業時間:10am - 12pm(店面)
訂購方法. 019-3319197 whatsapp 預訂
送貨時間: 中午11時至晚上7時星期六,日休息.(什飯)
特别菜肴定购9.00am - 10pm
Super convenient! Happy healthy vegetarian lunch box sent to the door!
As a result of modern food and more nutritious, so, vegetarian to a small amount of fat, low cholesterol as the new darling of modern food, whether it is pure vegetarian, egg vegetarians, vegetarians or occasional vegetarians are daily Increased, vegetarian products, the taste also increased, not only the choice of rich, and yet taste and taste to enjoy.
Lunch, dinner food, very convenient to work outside of you, there is no fixed menu (rice), but the dishes are changed every day, every day to send your vegetarian food to your office or where you work, very convenient! Dishes, birthday, wedding, and a variety of buffet. Happy Vege is definitely your best choice.
In addition, happy vegetarian vegetariandelivery.com.my can also be ordered online for lunch, meal and special order dishes. We launched in the era of digital evolution courier door service to help our customers find their favorite healthy food, easy and convenient from home, from work, or on the road can be through our website or through our application Lei Provide all vegetarian meals.
Since we started happily passing the platform, we have been constantly changing the way people subscribe to food online. Essentially, visiting our platform is the easiest way to eat your favorite food. Selectivity, convenience, reliability and quality, for the customer's key advantages. You can easily browse the restaurant's menu, just click on your favorite, delicious food order!
Student discount price! Above 30 boxes
Business hours: 10am - 12pm (storefront)
Order Method. 019-3319197 whatsapp Booking
Delivery time: 11:00 am to 7:00 pm Saturdays and Sundays.
Special dishes ordered 9.00am - 10pm