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Chee Cheong Fun & Drink
Hou Xiang 后巷肠粉记   -   Petaling Jaya & 1 Branches
Jul 21st 2015, 10:43PM
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My mum and I love the chee cheong fun. We also ordered chendol and coffee. Bringing my family and friends soon 😊😊
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MeiMei   Jul 21st 2015 at 10:56PM
Eh this chee cheong fun looks absolutely delicious!
JoeyLee   Jul 22nd 2015 at 12:03AM
This looks very appetizing !
JenniferChoo   Jul 22nd 2015 at 12:13AM
It's really good! They ve a few sauces to choose from. Penang, Ipoh, KL style... some spicy some sweet.
JoeyLee   Jul 22nd 2015 at 12:16AM
All the sauce are meat free ?
JenniferChoo   Jul 22nd 2015 at 12:16AM
Except for Penang style. They put prawn-sauce
JoeyLee   Jul 22nd 2015 at 12:29AM
Good to know! Apart from the white chee cheong fun do they have any others meat free sides to add ?
BluePenguin   Jul 23rd 2015 at 8:13AM
Oh man, I am having Chee cheong fun craving now.
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