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Anyone tried Meat Zero Singapore minced meat and Gyoza for fried rice before? This is a real deal to make different dishes and th.. see more
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Nothing beats having to prepare a nice meal for my family. .. see more
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Xin En Vegetarian 710 Clementi West Street 2, Singapore 120710 This is the 2nd branch of Ginza Vegetarian in Jurong West, 493 Jur.. see more
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Meet the Plant-Based Taco with @meatzerosg. My favorite taco that's good healthy and easy to made. It's like a regular taco but m.. see more
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Ah May Vegetarian Prawn Noodles AKA Hokkien Mee. Vegetarian prawn noodles are like regular prawn noodles, but instead of real pra.. see more
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1st experience cooking my very own quinoa. Didnt expect the meal to be so easy to make! 1 part quinoa to 2 part water! Woah! Lo.. see more
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I like my braised meat mushrooms rice with hard boil egg and.. see more
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Today I just wana post on my lunch. 素食娘娘卤肉饭! lol! My new n.. see more
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My self made Unagi Bento set using beancurd only! The whole dining experience is another level up cause all are made with love lol.. see more
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For those who knows me knows that I love to decorate and mak.. see more
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Get ready for an amazing burger experience with the Plant-Ba.. see more
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Eldest is unwell. Weather is cold. With @meatzerosg, your me.. see more
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Name May Ng     Lifestyle Ambassador    
Member Since2015
LocationSingapore, Singapore
OccupationVegetarian Food Shooter
About MayNg
I'm a lacto ovo vegetarian who loves food and loves to create new dishes that are meat free so that I can share with people who are around me. Latest creation is the Popular Vegetarian KFC that had been circulating around in the internet and I'm happy that alot of you had benefited from it!

My tagline is ' Say No to Meat. Sharing is Caring.'