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Sahara Oasis (Arabian Cuisine)
Kuala Lumpur
Jun 22nd 2015, 12:02AM
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Hummus. Also made of
Chickpeas with tahini sauce , lemon and olive oil. Goes perfectly with their hot fluffy bread. Their bread is just so Fluffy!! 😍😍
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PiggyLovesToEat   Jun 22nd 2015 at 1:06AM
Lol, so much breads to go with lol
JoeyLee   Jun 22nd 2015 at 2:15AM
Their bread is really good. So fluffy it's so good
MeiMei   Jun 23rd 2015 at 12:53AM
I love the one from Moussandra. Maybe I should try this too and see which one wins hahaha
JoeyLee   Jun 23rd 2015 at 1:01AM
Yet to try moussandra myself. Always slip my mind. Needo compile a list to try d
MeiMei   Jun 23rd 2015 at 1:31AM
Heap me too. Too much good food! 😝
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