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A Delicious KindMoment..
Dec 14th 2023, 2:10PM
Like this delicious KindMoment!    
I like my braised meat mushrooms rice with hard boil egg and sunny side up. What is yours?

The vegetarian braised meat rice is a delicious and savory dish that uses products from @meatzerosg to create a meaty texture and flavor without using actual meat. The braised "meat" has a satisfying and tender consistency, complementing the rice perfectly.

Also, I added king oyster mushrooms (diced) to the braised meat to give more extra texture to the taste.

It's a great example of how plant-based options can mimic the taste and texture of traditional meat dishes. Non vegetarian friends loves it when they tried it!
PS: Eggs are optional. Omit if you are vegan.

1) Meat Zero x2
2) Eggs (hard boil or sunny sun up is your choice)
3) king oyster mushrooms (diced)
1) Vegetarian Oyster Sauce x1cup
2) Water x2 cups
3) dark soya sauce x half cup
4) 5 spices ( 五香粉) 2 table spoon
6) Sugar x 2 table spoon
7) Black Vinegar x 1 table spoon
Bring all the ingredients for sauce making to boil and add the Meat Zero minced meat in the sauce and use a fork or spatula to break them up into pieces.

Add in the diced king oyster mushrooms and stir evenly. Bring to boil for 40 mins with low fire.
Once ready, serve with chilli padi and or coriander leaves.

For the sauce taste, please adjust accordingly.
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