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A Pie Thing
128G, Jalan SS21/35, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya
Jun 12th 2015, 5:57PM
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Creamy spinach pie with mashacre (mashed potato and green peas with gravy as topping) & root beer soda. Beautifully presented and its's so filling I can save this lunch for dinner.
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FatJedi   Jun 12th 2015 at 11:57PM
Interesting.. Do they have other varieties of meat-free pies as well?
JoeyLee   Jun 13th 2015 at 12:11AM
Looks so nice. Where is this place huh. I see a few ppl post this on KindMeal oredi.
MeiMei   Jun 13th 2015 at 1:51AM
Hmm this is the only vegetarian savory pie as told by the staff. They have a lot sweet pie though, unless they use gelatin in some of the desserts I guess all sweet pie is vegetarian friendly 😊
MeiMei   Jun 13th 2015 at 1:52AM
This is in sunway, 10min walk away from Monash university 😁
PiggyLovesToEat   Jun 13th 2015 at 3:06PM
These green pies look attractive!
MeiMei   Jun 14th 2015 at 6:08PM
It's the topping that is really green coz it's mashed green peas. Something special at least, pie is not bad although I wish there were more flavor to it. Maybe need a bit more salt n pepper hahaha
JoeyLee   Jun 14th 2015 at 6:14PM
Oh so the filling is actually the mashed green peas ? Is there like mushroom pies ?
MeiMei   Jun 14th 2015 at 6:29PM
It's actually spinach pie and u can choose to get a combo set with mashacre (mashed potato and green peas topping) + soda. Sadly the only vegetarian savory pie is this, but they have a lot other sweet pie! Just gotta confirm if they use gelatin in them, otherwise I believe dessert pies are worth trying coz they are all very fancy!
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