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A Delicious KindMoment..
Jul 1st 2015, 9:31PM
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Macam yes tomyam. Required a lot of tweet and taste trials to get a good bowl like this. Hot, spicy and soury. Yum!
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JoeyLee   Jul 1st 2015 at 9:38PM
Looks good.Did u cook this urself. What Is the white stuff? Noodles ?
MeiMei   Jul 1st 2015 at 9:48PM
Yeap home cook. Haha people thought it is pan mee but that's actually the dumpling skin hahaha
JoeyLee   Jul 1st 2015 at 9:51PM
What the recipe for the tomyam paste. Kind to share ? So is just dumpling skin without fillings? I also tot is those hand cut pan Mee.
MeiMei   Jul 1st 2015 at 9:55PM
Naaah we were just experimenting with the ingredients. Everything is agak agak. U know the usual one for tomyam includes ginger, lemongrass, tomyam leaves, dried chilli, lemon juice, salt n sugar. If u have ready made tomyam paste then u just need to tweet a bit with the seasoning haha this conventional world 😝
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