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This is a western ambience vegetarian cafe. Coffee is their expertise, don't miss it if you're here. We ordered Flat White and Cho.. see more
Boye, It's Delicious
Boye Vegetarian Cafe
Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan
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Here's the meat of the fruit I posted earlier: http://www.kindmeal.my/PiggyLovesToEat/moment-11991.htm The meat is sweet and so.. see more
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Went to try the famous vegetarian YTF here and get to try this Beanbag Salad. Quite surprise they have this fusion side dish. It's.. see more
Min Yuan Asian Delicacies
Min Yuan Vegetarian Home 茗原素之家
Kepong, Kuala Lumpur
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I finally get to try the best vegetarian YTF at Min Yuan! Every piece is such a big portion! So full now ah... 😋
Min Yuan Vegetarian Home 茗原素之家
No 3-2, Jalan 16a, Taman Desa Jaya, 52100 Kepong, Kuala Lump..
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Guess what fruit is this? Hehe 😁 The answer is here! http://www.kindmeal.my/PiggyLovesToEat/moment-12004.htm
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Finally can enjoy breakfast in the bed at the hotel lol! While drinking the local teh celup and black coffee. Bought this cheese c.. see more
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This is Carica, not Papaya. Though it's fruit and plant looks very similar to Papaya. We came across this fruit during our trip to.. see more
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Bought this Tugu Chocolate from my Yogyakarta trip 😋
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Durian Bread Pudding and Javanese Coffee in Ibu Ageng, a restaurant that Mark Zuckerberg visited during his trip to Yogyakarta, In.. see more
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CNY leftover nuts and cookies as movie snacks! The black nuts are charcoal coated peanuts, and there's green bean cookies, and cas.. see more
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My Matcha Chocolate drink by my personal barista! First, steam the full cream milk. Second, add Matcha powder, chocolate powder, .. see more
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Enjoyed myself at tonight's event. It's Marini's on 57! The view is spectacular! Food and drinks aside lol. Love it! 😍 Feels like .. see more
Marini's On 57
Kuala Lumpur
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NamePiggy Loves To Eat
Member Since2014
LocationAmpang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
OccupationArt, Thought & Food Explorer
About PiggyLovesToEat
She's the 2nd user of KindMeal! Wow, so excited! Well, she's a glutton that loves veggies and egg, but dislike carb! She believes in balanced diet, practises 80/20 rule, 80% clean eating and 20% indulgence! Believes human should eat real food, i.e. not mock meats, processed food and flavourings. A health conscious piggy! ^@^

She can go nuts with her beloved dark chocolate and nuts! She's happy when someone brings her to try good food... I mean real good food hehe. If someone made her dark chocolate drink... hmm, that's it. Easily satisfied right? ;p Count blessings, not calories! 😁

Little things make a huge difference! Starts enjoying more plant based meals now ^^